Live4Life Celebration at Braemar College

On Wednesday 10th October over 500 students from the five schools in the Macedon Ranges area met together at Braemar College to celebrate the 2012 Live4Life awards.  The competition used the theme How2B OK? to get students to think about how they look after themselves, how they can help others to be okay, what being okay means, and what young people can do if they are not feeling okay.

The Live4Life program is facilitated by the Macedon Ranges Shire Council Youth Unit and has made a significant impact in the way teachers and students in local schools manage and support mental health for young people.

Adolescence is a vital time for young people to develop independent relationships, positive identity, a value system, and the acquisition of skills for future economic independence. The onset of mental health problems at this time of their lives can have significant impact on the development of these life skills if not addressed.

Central Ranges LLEN recognise the importance of addressing mental health issues in the lives of young people and in supporting successful pathways for their education, training and future employment.

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