Macedon Ranges Youth Ambassadors


During 2012, the Youth Ambassadors program was initiated by the Macedon Ranges Shire Youth Unit.  The program was made up of a diverse group of young people from Year’s 10, 11 and 12 across five different schools with the area.

The ambassadors identified twelve top issues for young people and further researched the youth of the shire to distil the issues to eight key priorities.  A Youth Summit was held to explore solutions to the issues identifying how young people could improve the situation, how stakeholders could assist and how schools might play a role in solution implementation.

The young people contributed to the area of education and employment by identifying the following as issues:

  • The stigma attached to education outside of the mainstream
  • The need for greater exposure to a wider range of career information
  • The need for teaching excellence in schools
  • The need for part time job opportunities to be promoted
  • A shortage of alternative education settings for young people
  • Access to study skills, stress and time management opportunities

Solutions identified included:

  • Access to mentors
  • Better promotion about local employment opportunities
  • More organised traineeship programs
  • Educating business about young people
  • Provision of leadership opportunities
  • Better inter-township transportation
  • More volunteer leadership opportunities

See the Macedon Ranges Shire Council Youth Summit report.

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