Education, vocational and employment pathway options for young people with a disability

The Central Ranges Local Learning and Employment Network, through its partnership networks, is committed to supporting young people with a disability having access high quality educational, vocational, job skill and employment pathway options.

The National Disability Agreement (2009) represents the peak partnership agreement between the Australian state and territory governments. The ‘Agreement’ establishes the roles and responsibilities of each level of government to achieve agreed objectives and outcomes for people with a disability, their families and carers in a coherent and ‘joined up’ manner.

The Victorian response to the National Disability Agreement places a significant emphasis on the principle that every young person with a disability who is able to work should have an opportunity to participate in employment and should be actively supported to do so.  Both parents and teachers share a significant role in helping young people identify their future aspirations and work-readiness skills.

A range of resources and services are available to support the career development of young people with disabilities. These include universal career development resources and those specifically customised for young people with disabilities.

Resources for educators can be found at Strengthening Pathways Planning

Resources for parents can be found at Engaging Parents in Careers Conversations (EPICC)

Resources for students can be found at My Future

The Central Ranges Local Learning and Employment Network, in partnership with the National Disability Coordinator, bought together and supported planning discussions between career, disability, youth and employment coordinators to establish a ‘Pathways Options’ information workshop for parents and young people.  The result being the delivery of a ‘Transitioning from School’ workshop for students and their parents and carers to be held:

When:                 Wednesday 30th July 2014

Time:                  5:30-7:30pm

Location:           Woodend Neighbourhood House, 47 Forest Street, Woodend

The workshop will focus on options and supports that are available to students with a disability who are transitioning from school, featuring a structured presentation and time with stall holders who can answer specific questions for students, their parents, their support people and carers.

Open to students, parents, carers, educators, carers coordinators, integration aides, youth and disability workers and special education coordinators and all others interested.

Contact:                 Mark Cottee, National Disability Coordinators Officer, Northern Victoria


Phone:                    02 6055 6309

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