How can I get better prepared for the future of work?

You are facing a vastly different future of work than your parents. How can you better prepare for the world of work of the future? It’s not as hard as you might think…young-people

  1. It starts with you working out what you like doingwhat are you good at? what do you enjoy? Thinking about this will help you to start exploring what’s out there and how you can make school more interesting to help you finish. Work in the future will be high-skilled, and finishing school will still get you better and higher paid work. But that can include trades, and there are heaps of options. Jump online and start exploring these fantastic sites written by and for young people: or
  2. Second, work out if you are getting the right skills for future jobs. The best skills are the generic ones you can take across jobs (digital skills, communication, project management, creativity, working with others). You can learn these skills a million ways (and add them to your CV), for example, through:
    1. code clubs
    2. free online courses (google “MOOCs” like )
    3. organising your friends to challenge yourselves, for example, through the Whitelion Eureka Climb or three peaks challenge
    4. grabbing some friends to make something – an event, radio show, a short film, a sporting match, fix up a car, a gamers challenge… the possibilities are endless.
  3. Finally, and to overcome the main reason young people are disadvantaged in labour markets, you need work experience (and job search, job application and interviewing skills, etc). Jump online at You’ll be surprised by the opportunities your community is offering.

The best thing to do to prepare for the future is to do something! Don’t be afraid to talk to people around you – you’ll be surprised who will want to help – and the fun things they might know about that you can do.

Jeanette Pope is a freelancer and expert on young people and the future of work. She is helping out at CRLLEN and writing some articles for us to stimulate discussion around these issues.

Structured Workplace Learning Program

The CRLLEN is excited to announce that a thirteen month contract for the new ‘Structured Workplace Learning’ program (SWL) has been awarded to all LLEN’s throughout Victoria. This program is following on from the ‘Workplace Learning Coordinator’ Program (WLC) which concluded at the end of 2015.
As confirmation of this funding was only received in late 2015 all LLEN’s are very busy with the setting up and instigation of this program as early as possible in 2016 – watch this space!

Suicide Prevention Workshop

Wesley LifeForce will be conducting a Suicide Prevention Workshop at Seymour Bowling Club – 41 Tallarook St, Seymour VIC 3660 on Thursday 10 March 2016 from 9am – 1 pm. There is no charge to attend the workshop.

The program helps participants recognise when a person may be having thoughts of suicide, and provides a simple strategy to intervene and assist them.

If you know of any individuals or groups who may be interested in attending this workshop please ask them to register using this link:

The training is open to community members aged over 18 years.

Help shape Victoria’s new youth policy

youth hands

The development of a new policy aimed at improving government support for young Victorians has begun, and input from young people and those who work to support them is being sought.

The new youth policy aims to improve outcomes for young people aged 12 to 24 years, especially those who are disadvantaged and disengaged.

Once finalised, the policy will build a coordinated approach to:

  • youth issues across government
  • increasing the focus on early intervention and prevention
  • strengthening engagement and involvement by young people in policies and programs that affect them.

An online platform is available for young people, their families and carers, community leaders, schools and organisations providing support for young people to come together and discuss their thoughts and ideas.

Getting involved is easy! Just visit and click on the section most relevant to you. The consultation closing date is 30 October.

Farewell & Good Luck Carmen!

We’re sad to announce that our wonderful Projects & Partnerships Manager Carmen Fifield finishes up with Central Ranges LLEN today, after 2.5 years creating exciting partnerships between schools, training providers and local industry. Carmen is setting up her new business, The Brewer’s Table in Station St, Seymour (formerly Veneto Blu). While ‘The Table’ (as likely regulars, we’ve already shortened the name!) doesn’t open for business until 10 August, it’s already a hit on Facebook, attracting almost 500 likes. Please LIKE Carmen’s exciting new venture, which we know will be a role model employer of young people!

Seymour Flexible Learning Centre – updated contact details

Don Gibbons has commenced as Principal of the Seymour Flexible Learning Centre at  50 Tallarook Street, Seymour.

This educational program aims to support students from year 9 to 12 and provide them with an opportunity to re-engage with learning in a supported individual educational environment with a modified timetable.

For all enquiries please call Don Gibbons on 0419 481 754.

Koorie Pathways Program – Careers and Cultural Celebration Day 2014

On Tuesday, July 22 Indigenous Secondary students from across the Lower Hume region participated in a Cultural and Careers Celebration Day held at the Seymour Sports & Aquatic Centre.

Approximately 50 Secondary School students attended the Celebration Day from Alexandra Secondary College, Yea High School, Seymour College, and St Mary’s College, mixed with students from Benalla, Wangaratta, and Mansfield.

Those who attended participated in a range of activities designed to promote both the careers and pathways focus of the day and a celebration of indigenous culture.

Some of the workshops and activities available to students throughout the day included:

▪                ‘Speed Careering’ activity for senior students

▪                Workshop and Information session from the Australian Defence Force

▪                Traditional Games run by ASHE

▪                Aspirations Photo Booth Activity

Special mention must again go to the GO TAFE Seymour VCAL staff and students who did a fantastic job in providing us all with delicious morning tea and BBQ lunch.

The day was met with many positive comments from both staff and students. One student believed the best part about the day was “Being social and talking to other people about life after High school”.

The overall aim of the day was to begin to close the gap for Indigenous young people in both education and employment sectors and provide opportunities to participate in training and further education.

The Central Ranges LLEN, as a member of the organising committee would like to acknowledge the support of GOTAFE, Mitchell Shire Council, Closing the Health Gap – Lower Hume Project and The Centre for providing funding to support this great initiative, as well as the many organisations and individuals who were part of the organising committee and worked tirelessly in preparation for the day.

Careers & Celebration Day 2014

For more information on this and previous years Celebration Days, go to our Indigenous Pathways page.