Jiujitsu at Kyneton SC

Students train in

Kyneton SC students enjoy a Jiujitsu training session run by their fellow students

We’re helping out with a very exciting program at Kyneton Secondary College that’s helping build leadership skills and student engagement.

The school contacted CRLLEN looking for a way to engage some students who were showing high levels of absenteeism and getting in trouble at school. After a little research we discovered some of these students were doing classes outside of school with Marco, a local Jiujitsu instructor.

We know that students who are getting into trouble at school and falling behind in their studies can feel disempowered and shut out, and that sometimes when the roles are reversed and you give them the freedom to be leaders, it can have a huge impact on their outlook.

Thanks to Cobaw Community Health, Central Ranges LLEN and teachers, and with the help and mentorship of their trainer Marco, the students have launched a Jiujitsu club at their school and are now training their fellow students, focusing on fitness, coordination and core strength. The change teachers are seeing in these young people has been huge. They’ve shown amazing leadership and commitment to the program, even showing up to school at 8AM to help set up the classes!