Partnership Broker New Role

Partnership Broker - Carmen Fifield

Partnership Broker – Carmen Fifield

Carmen Fifield has been with the CRLLEN since January 2013 filling the position of the Hume Partnership Broker’s Maternity Leave position.

In June, Carmen reduced her working load to 2 days per week (Tuesday & Wednesday) taking a general Partnership Broker role within CRLLEN with a focus on communications and marketing as well as responsibility for key projects and supporting the Hume & Macedon Ranges Partnership Brokers.

Please see Carmen’s new contact details on the Staff page

Yammer – CRLLEN Social Networking

Yammer is a social network for businesses and companies; this means that unlike other social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, which are designed for public use, Yammer is designed for private communication for members.

The basic set up is free, easy to use, and, perhaps, most importantly, it provides a private, manageable, and secure online space for individuals and organisations to communicate.

It allows everyone to share information more freely and create more opportunities to collaborate together online to strengthen the provision of education and training across our region.

We have Yammer Networks the following local networks:

  1. Youth Training Pathways Network
  2. Lower Hume VET & Pathways Cluster

If you would like to join one of these groups, please sign and return the usage policy attached to each network to become a member.  We have over local 40 members across both networks, which are administered by the Central Ranges LLEN.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to Carmen Fifield