Parents and families projects and partners

Students need support at home to realise their goals for continued schooling, training and employment. We work with schools and community organisations to improve the capacity of parents and families to support their children who are students in Grade 6 & Years 7-10, with a focus on parents in identified risk areas.

Our parents and families strategies

Our Central Ranges LLEN Strategic Plan 2010-2013 outlines our parents and families strategies as:

  • identifying, expanding and promoting parent support programs that support parents’ engagement with their children’s pathways and transitions, by facilitating partnerships between primary and secondary schools, community organisations and local government
  • focussing on strategies to assist parents in identified risk areas by facilitating partnerships with specialised professionals, schools and community organisations.

Read more about our parents and families strategies, targets and outcomes in our Central Ranges LLEN Strategic Plan 2010-2013

Current parents and families projects

The Central Ranges LLEN works to engage with education and community organisations to help parents to support local young people in their education.

Parent workshops

Parents have been able to attend workshops to get more information about their child’s educational pathways in a number of schools and communities for the last five years. This free workshop is offered to parents through the school or a community organisation working in partnership with local school/s. A number of schools have undertaken training funded by the Central Ranges LLEN to deliver this program to local parents.

Surveys – understanding current programs and future opportunities

We conducted two surveys of primary and secondary schools and community organisations to find out more about current and potential parent engagement programs across the shires of Murrindindi, Mitchell and Macedon Ranges. The survey was completed by school principals, year level, careers, transitions, pathways, welfare and parent co-ordinators. Read the:

Parent engagement committees

As a result of the survey, two parental engagement committees have been formed – one in Hume (Mitchell and Murrindindi shires) and Macedon Ranges. These committees include education and community stakeholder representatives. They aim to explore strategic partnerships with local networks and add value to parental engagement activities to increase young people’s engagement with education.

Get involved

For more information on parental engagement projects, please contact the Central Ranges LLEN office on 03 57 811014 or [email protected].

In Transit from Primary to Secondary School – DVD

Moving from primary to secondary school is a big step for any young person. New subjects, new teachers, new structures and new friends add up to some big new challenges. We want to make that experience both comfortable and exciting. That’s why this DVD has been produced. It consist of real people, young and older talking about what it means, how to prepare, life at secondary school and how to make the most of it. The DVD also responds to questions raised by parents:

  • What do we have to do and what actually happens?
  • What schools can we choose?
  • Can we just go to any school?
  • How do you find out what schools are like?
  • What do we do about uniforms?
  • Do you run any special programs?
  • How much are school fees?
  • What subjects do you offer?
  • How do I stay informed?
  • What role should parents play with homework?

We hope it will help make the transition the best it can possibly be.

To view the DVD please clink on the link below:

In Transit – From Primary to Secondary School

This DVD was developed by Broadmeadows Communities for Children; Funded by the Australian Government of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and supported by the Hume Early Years Partnership, Hume Youth Commitment and Hume Schools.  © UnitingCare Sunshine and Broadmeadows 2011