The Questions Questions Questions! video is fantastic animation video exploring the different education pathways for young people – VCAL, CGEA, VET, VCE – in a school or community setting.  Watch this video and find out more.  A great resource to share with students and parents.

Finding a School Based Apprenticeship


Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) Explained


This video provides an insight into the careers, pathways and learning opportunities VCAL provides.  It was developed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority in 2004.

VCAL Explained


VET in Schools

Vet in schools explained – 2013 Compiled by the the Inner Melbourne VET Cluster (IMVC)

FIRE UP! DVD about transition from primary to secondary school

The Inner Eastern LLEN, in partnership with the OELLEN and teachers from CBC St Kilda and Middle Park Primary School, have produced a short DVD called “FIRE UP!” to assist parents in supporting their children as they make the transition from primary to secondary school. Education expert, Angie Wilcock, appears in the DVD outlining the changes children can expect and providing some helpful tips for parents.

link coming soon