Projects and Partnerships

Central Ranges LLEN aims to help local young people connect with relevant and high-quality education, training and employment opportunities. We do that by working closely with service providers, schools, government authorities and agencies. We facilitate, negotiate and identify opportunities for funding, partnerships, tools and resources, programs and infrastructure.

Our work is targeted in four areas – industry, community, education and parents.

Industry projects and partnerships

Our industry programs are worked out in collaboration with local businesses, schools and training providers to help students to find out about working in different local industries.

Community projects and partnerships

Local community organisations and networks work hard to help young people in our area to stay at school, or find training or employment. We work with those organisations to help them engage with early school leavers and offer sustainable education, training or employment outcomes.

Education projects and partnerships

Not every young person wants to attend a mainstream school. We work with our partners to help offer local young people diverse and relevant education and training programs.

Parents projects and partnerships

We work with schools and community organisations to improve the capacity of parents and families to support their children, with a focus on parents in identified risk areas.