You are facing a vastly different future of work than your parents. How can you better prepare for the world of work of the future? It’s not as hard as you might think…

By Jeanette Pope

It starts with you working out what you like doing – what are you good at? what do you enjoy?

Thinking about this will help you to start exploring what’s out there and how you can make school more interesting to help you finish. Work in the future will be high-skilled, and finishing school will still get you better and higher paid work. But that can include trades, and there are heaps of options. Jump online and start exploring these fantastic sites written by and for young people: or

Second, work out if you are getting the right skills for future jobs. The best skills are the generic ones you can take across jobs (digital skills, communication, project management, creativity, working with others). You can learn these skills a million ways (and add them to your CV), for example, through:

Finally, and to overcome the main reason young people are disadvantaged in labour markets, you need work experience (and job search, job application and interviewing skills, etc). Jump online at You’ll be surprised by the opportunities your community is offering.

The best thing to do to prepare for the future is to do something! Don’t be afraid to talk to people around you – you’ll be surprised who will want to help – and the fun things they might know about that you can do.


Jeanette Pope is a freelancer and expert on young people and the future of work. She is helping out at CRLLEN and writing some articles for us to stimulate discussion around these issues.