• Our Mission

    We aim to help local young people to stay in school, continue their education, enrol for a training program or find a job.

    How? By working closely with community organisations, education and training providers, schools, government agencies and local businesses and industry to secure funding, facilitate partnerships and create opportunities to engage local young people.

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  • Important Partnerships

    We identify and support crucial partnerships to improve opportunities for local young  people’s education, training and employment.

    Our partnerships have created clusters of schools working together, cross-sector network arrangements, secured funding, created industry experience tools, new education and training.

    The results include schools working together, funding secured, new industry experience tools, education and training programs for young people and more.

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  • Environmental Scan

    The Environmental Scan is a research report that we develop to find out more about what affects young people living, studying and working in the shires of Mitchell, Murrindindi and Macedon Ranges.

    It provides detailed statistics and analysis on how are local young people are fairing in education, training and employment.

    Updated every year, it also explains how we plan to address the issues and opportunities it identifies.

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